20 June 2017

Pawan is a fashion photographer, multidisciplinary designer and tech innovator. His images transform the viewer to a visually flawless world, with a characteristic clean look and minimal design aesthetic. His mixed media work has received global appreciation, and is at the forefront of interactive art, design and fashion photography innovation.

Pawan is doing cutting edge work on touch and sensor based Interactive Installations and Surfaces across Art, Design, Fashion and Advertising. Some of his work include: (1) Cinemagraphs at 6k+ resolution, 14 bit color depth (2) Smart still imagery with subtle programmable frame animations, reflecting parametric changes in realtime (3) Interactive images responding to environmental stimuli like touch, motion, temperature, etc.

Pawan graduated from IIT Bombay in 2007. He is based out of Mumbai/Pune, India and travels across the world for work.

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Self Portrait

Self Portrait